Purpose Built. Vehicles that fit your exact business requirement.

We provide purpose built commercial vehicles that meet the challenges and demands of a wide range of business transport. We understand that in today’s demanding market a vehicle that does exactly what you need it to do increases productivity and lowers your transport costs. It can also mean providing a much improved level of service to your customers.

For this reason we have invested in our own in-house team that can advise and deliver a purpose built commercial vehicle that fits your exact business requirement. We build and supply anything from a crane truck to a specialised recovery vehicle. Our team are able to advise on the most fuel efficient vehicles on the market, those commercial vehicles with the best payloads and discuss what similar businesses use to transport goods.

We deal with a wide range of business types and sectors that have all benefited from our teams experience over the years. We have supplied custom built commercial vehicles to almost all industries we can think of including Turbine manufacturers, Bridge Engineering companies, Aircraft dismantlers, plant operators, scaffolding companies, fine art dealers and even pigeon racers.

No matter what business you are in we will have a solution for you.

All our contract hire vehicles new or used can have modifications or additional equipment fitted to meet your hire needs.

  • We offer Custom built bodies built to your exact requirement.
  • We can carry out body modifications to our own fleet.
  • Cab Modifications to our own fleet including additional seats and pods.
  • Equipment fitting to new or used vehicles. e.g Hydraulic Kits, Wet Kits, Tipping Gear
  • Safety Equipment including Fall Arrest Systems, FORS and Crossrail Compliance Kit.
  • Accessories – Beacons, Lighting, Tool Boxes
  • Painting and Blasting
  • Livery – Graphics and Vinyl Wraps
  • Special Requirements – Windows, specialist equipment, Hydraulics, De-mounts.

Unlike most truck rental companies we have invested heavily in our own fabrication facility with painting and blasting bays operating two shifts, 7 days per week. Allowing us to offer turnaround times that few could rival.

We also provide a range of standard built bodies.

  • GRP Box
  • Dropwell and Furniture Removal
  • Curtainsiders
  • Flatbeds
  • Dropsides
  • Scaffold Spec
  • Cheesewedge
  • Cabin Spec
  • Beavertail
  • Hydraulic Beavertail
  • Tilt and Slide

To discuss your specific vehicle requirements please Contact us using the form below and one of our advisors will be happy to call you.

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