Flexible Hire

We know that the ability to flex and move is one of the keys to running a successful modern business. MV Truck and Van Rental’s innovative flexible rental package allows you to run a fleet of commercial vehicles without the burden of purchase, ownership and disposal – but at the same time, provides the option to quickly alter its make-up as, how and when your operation develops.

With no ties to any manufacturer, we are able to source exactly the right commercial vehicles to meet your initial requirements. Should your business’s needs change during the life of the rental arrangement – which can last between three and sixty months – then so can your vehicle provision without incurring a financial penalty.

Not only can you add more vehicles to your existing agreement under our flexible option, but so too you may alter those which are already in operation, within certain terms and conditions. Choose either to upgrade them to better suit the needs of your growing business, or undertake modifications to bodywork as your or your clients’ transport requirements adapt.

Should you opt for our flexible arrangement, rest assured that you will retain all the industry-leading benefits of dealing with a long established Truck and Van Rental business: our friendly, personal and highly-experienced service from three UK sites and a dedication to ensuring that our customers receive the best vehicle to efficiently and effectively complete the task at hand is core to our business.

There really is no better way of future-proofing your commercial vehicle fleet – whilst maintaining all the benefits of leasing. Our advisors will be delighted to discuss your requirements today.

Any modification work is carried out by MV Truck and Van Rentals’ experienced engineering staff and selected partners. As with all our arrangements, delivery direct to customers’ sites throughout the British mainland can be included within the weekly fixed cost. All vehicles are supplied with full maintenance and inspection provision.

To take advantage of our flexible rental option you will need to have an operator’s license and fleet insurance.

Operation outside the mainland is not covered under any of our agreements.

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