Fleet Support

We know that in today’s just-in-time environment reliability is of the utmost importance to all commercial vehicle operators. Time is money, and nobody can afford to have their equipment unavailable for periods awaiting attention or being serviced when you need it on the road transporting your or your clients’ goods.

To that end we have an extensive network of mobile fleet support engineers. Both our own staff and a large number of partners throughout Britain, they are able to respond to any issues quickly and efficiently and offer a full ‘bumper-to-bumper’ service for all vehicles supplied by MV Truck and Van Rental.

Our team of support engineers performs scheduled maintenance exactly in accordance with your operator’s license, all of which is managed and scheduled by us. Work can usually be undertaken at your own premises if required, saving valuable time and fuel.

Additionally, MV Truck and Van Rental is able to offer its full repair and maintenance service on Saturdays and Sundays, allowing your fleet to remain at its most productive through the working week. We can also offer R&M on all ancillary on-board equipment, including cranes and tail-lifts as and when required. As a crane specialist in our own right, our technicians are experts in what they do and are well-versed in all types of lorry-mounted loading equipment.

Should it be necessary if minor issues are encountered, customers will also find that expert and friendly advice is always available by phone. You won’t speak to an anonymous call centre; instead, our trained engineers are happy to discuss any difficulties with you directly and honestly.

With a focus on our customer's needs, we remain dedicated to ensuring that your fleet remains at its most productive throughout the period of lease. Our commitment to nothing less than the highest standards of maintenance will safeguard your operator’s license, keep your customers happy and your vehicles where they belong: out on the road.

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