Contract Hire

Our fixed-term contract hire agreement is the simplest way to obtain all the commercial vehicles your business needs, and represents the most efficient manner in which to finance them. Our fully maintained Contract hire is ideal if transport is a secondary part of your operation, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best. Meanwhile we do what we do best: supply and manage your fleet.

Our experienced advisor's are able to help you identify the optimum vehicles to suit your transport requirements, from vans through rigid trucks to tractor units. We then source or build the vehicles, ensuring they meet with your specifications – which can include additional equipment, bespoke fabrication or other specialist requirements carried out in our own workshops. We then deliver direct to your premises, allowing you to focus management time on your core business throughout the procurement process.

Unlike others, MV Truck and Van Rental is independently-owned and not tied to any manufacturer, allowing you access to the full range of commercial vehicles – all at an attractive, fixed price, which allows you to accurately predict costs in advance and not have cash tied up in your fleet.

Throughout the period of lease, vehicles remain owned and managed by MV Truck and Van. We will arrange all scheduled maintenance and inspections – which can be undertaken on your premises by our mobile engineers - and our network of partners ensures rapid unscheduled service around the clock. With full in-house painting and graphics available vehicles can be supplied in your colours and livery ready for service.

MV Truck and Van Rental contract hire arrangements are made over a stated period, from 2 years up to a maximum of five and are subject to status. Vehicle type remains fixed through the term of the agreement. All are subject to mileage terms and a ‘fair wear and tear’ understanding. They may not be taken beyond the British mainland unless provision has been made as part of the agreement.

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