New 66 Plate MAN TGX Tractor Units For Hire

Already one of the most sought after long haul tractor units available in the UK, the new MAN TGX is set to become even more popular with its increased torque, power and fuel effciency, driver comforts and environmentally friendliness and is setting the standard for the truely eye-catching haulage and transport trucks.

The technology behind the new MAN TGX 26.480 has increased its payload advantage over many other competing vehicles while keeping fuel economy high thanks to its six-cylinder engine, exhaust-gas recirculation particle filter, SCR system and extended rear axle. The 12.4 litre engine produces 2,300Nm of torque while still remaining one of the most consumption-efficient units on the market.

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Upgrade Your Fleet with a Hired MAN TGX from MV Commercial

Our fleet of high spec MAN TGX tractor units feature a wide range of power, comfort and safety and efficiency features that have been designed to help you to make more from every trip.

Designed for the long haul, all these MAN Tractor units feature the incredibly spacious and comfortable XLX sleeper cab with comprehensive media systems. The cabs also feature plenty of stowage space for driver convenience (up to 200 litres of storage space), ergonomically designed controls and specially designed seats that provide premium support and comfort. .

Other safety features in the TGX include MAN BrakeMatic, Electronic Stability Program, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Guard System, Emergency Brake Assist, Continuous Damping Control and Type Pressure Monitoring. These comprehensive safety features makes this a safe bet for both your drivers and other road users.

The MAN TGX is also an environmentally friendlier option thanks to its Euro 6 engine with Exhaust Gas Recirculation and Selective Catalytic Reduction systems, OBD with NOx Control and aerodynamic design amongst others.

One of the most outstanding features of the MAN TGX is of course the MAN EfficientCruise System which can use saved map details to detect upward and downward gradients on your regular routes and then adapt driving to suit. Now your truck can automatically build up momentum before a hill and then easily cruise over and down at reduced speeds – saving fuel, wear and money.

Now you can save money and the environment with every trip.

How did you ever MANage without one?



  • 480 BHP
  • 2300/2500Nm
  • Common Rail EDC
  • Exhaust Valve Brake
  • MAN TopTorque

Comfort and Safety

  • Lane Guard System
  • Telemetry Interface
  • ESP
  • Cruise Control
  • Catwalk


  • Air Kit
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction
  • OBD with NOx Control

MAN TGX 26.480 For Hire

We have a ready to go fleet of brand new and late registered MAN TGX units available for hire or lease on short, medium and long term contracts. Our contracts are flexible and designed around your unique business needs.

By Choosing to contract hire your new fleet you are saving thanks to no capital outlay, no tax or depreciation, and no maintenance or MOT costs. It is easy to see how many companies who use our rented vehicles can afford too grow their business thanks to these great savings.

By making HGV truck hire easy with no capital outlay and flexible hire terms, we help you get the perfect sized and specification HGV truck to suit your business needs so that you don't have to compromise on value.

If you want to get the benefits of contract hire for your business, contact one of our account managers today on 0800 862 0122 about a brand new MAN TGX 26.480 or any other of our great rental fleet.

MAN TGX 26.480 Features:

The MAN TGX Tractor Unit Features
Euro 6
480 BHP
Tractor Unit
6x2 Mid lift
XLX Sleeper Cab
On Air Suspension
Exhaust Gas Recirculation and Slective Catalytic Reduction
Common Rail EDC
Cruise Control
Exhaust Valve Brake
Road Speed Limiter Set to 89 KPH
OBD With NOx Control
MAN TopTorque
24 Litre AdBlue Tank
Electronic Immobiliser
Adjustable Air Management Kit With Cab Side Deflectors
Sliding Fifth Wheel Including Lead Up Ramps
3 Piece Plastic Rear Wings and Spray Suppression
Reduction Mats
Hoses and Couplings Including ABS Lead
Coupling Lamp
Rear Axle Diff Lock
Remote Control Central Locking
Heated Water Trap
Full Bodybuilder and Telemetry
Interface Module
Bluetooth Interface
Lane Guard System (LGS)
Electronic Stability Control

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