Make more from each delivery with our wide range of spacious and efficient refrigerated trucks, boxes, curtains and more, all available on short, medium and long term hire, lease or rent to buy.

Whether you are looking for a short term hire to cover the busy season, or are looking for a reliable and fixed cost long term transport solution to bring your logistics in-house, MV Truck and Van Rental has the perfect solution to meet your exact needs. From small food couriers to large food and drink transport trucks, our ready to go fleet of box, curtain, fridge and flatbed trucks are waiting to help your business grow.

Whether you are looking for short term chilled van hire or a comprehensive long term refrigerated transport solution, our fridge trucks and vans available for hire are a cool way to solve your transport needs. We have a wide range of units available to go right now.

Of course not everything needs to be kept cold while it is being transported – that is why are proud to offer a wide range of box and curtain trucks to make sure that your fleet is capable of handling anything that comes your way.

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Fridge Units

Our refrigerated truck and chilled van hire options are a cost effective way to bring your refrigerated transport and logistics needs in-house.


The best things come in beautiful boxes, so why shouldn’t your produce? Our box trucks can be liveried in your business’ brand.

Curtain Trucks

With easy packing and unpacking, our curtain trucks are one of the most versatile transport options available for businesses.

Our most popular Food & Beverage Logistics delivery vehicles are:

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Food Transportation Made Easy

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