Latest DAF XF Euro 6 Tractor Units For Contract Hire

MV Truck rental are pleased to announce the arrival of our latest additions to our hire fleet, the highly acclaimed DAF XF 510 Euro 6 tractor unit. With great looks and considerable pulling power the new Daf XF has caused quite a stir since its launch and we have been inundated with requests for this unit.

Thankfully as part of our commitment to improving our fleet and availability at each of our depots we now have additional units available for short and long-term hire.

Newly registered and in plain livery ready to go from each of our locations in Livingston, Haydock and London Luton. These units can be supplied plated to 80 tonne for heavy duty transport or as standard 510hp 44 tonne tractor units.

For full details and hire rates contact your nearest depot today.


New Euro 6 DAF FTS XF 510 6x2 Tag axle.
Space Cab
Sleeper Cab
Twin Beacons
Sun Visor
16 Speed Manual Gearbox
MX Engine Brake
Steel Bumper
Jost 5th Wheel
9 Tonne Front Axle
44t and 80 Tonne GVM (Special Types STGO CAT 2)
3100mm Wheelbase

DAF FTS XF twin rear mount tag axle XF 510 FTS 6x2 tractor

Front axle type 183N, 112 mm vertical offset. Normal parabolic suspension with shock absorbers and stabiliser. Max. load 9.0 tonnes. Driven rear axle and non-driven trailing rear axle with adjustable electronically controlled air suspension, including shock absorbers and stabiliser. Driven hub reduction axle type HR1356 and trailing axle each suspended with 4 air bellows, max. load 2 x 10.0 tonnes.

  • Mechanical differential lock.
  • Lifting device for the trailing rear axle.
  • Axle load limiter 10.0 t.
  • Single chassis driving height position.

MX Engine Brake. Hydraulically operated compression brake assembly integrated in the valve rocker group. The MX Engine Brake works simultaneously with the exhaust brake, resulting in a high combined braking power available at low engine rpm.

  • Park brake control with test position.
  • Spring brake cylinders on the first front axle.
  • Braking system EBS-3.
  • Ventilated disc brakes on the front axle and the non-driven rear axle(s).
  • Drum brakes on the driven rear axle.
  • Dual circuit air system with electronic control (EBS).
  • Twin cylinder air compressor with heated dryer and economy mode.
  • Wheelbase 3.10 m / rear overhang 0.84 m.
  • Side member height 310 mm, thickness 7.0 mm.
  • Full length inner reinforcement.
  • DPF/SCR unit located at the right-hand side of the chassis.
  • Discharge at the right-hand side.
  • Air tanks steel.
  • Aluminium fuel tank 430 litres, height 620 mm.
  • Fuel tank at the left-hand side of the chassis.
  • Catwalk with step, standard length.
  • Closed section between the main chassis members approx. 60 cm long.
  • Catwalk step at the left-hand side.
  • Temporary rear light brackets.
  • Worklamp with white glass behind the cab.
  • Spray suppression in the mudguards, according to directive 91/226/EEC.
  • Front underrun protection (FUP), according to EU directive 2000/40/EEC.
  • AdBlue tank 90 litres on the left-hand mudguard.
  • Vertical battery box at the left-hand side.
  • No spare wheel carrier.
  • Rear light unit with bulbs.

  • First front axle: tyre size 385/65R22.5, wheel size 22.5 x 11.75.
  • First rear axle: tyre size 315/70R22.5, wheel size 22.5 x 9.00.
  • Second rear axle: tyre size 315/70R22.5, wheel size 22.5 x 9.00.
  • Supplier Goodyear.
  • Steel disc wheels, silvergrey.
  • Wheel protection rings with open centre section, colour silver-grey (RAL 9006). First front axle: tyre size 385/65R22.5,
  • Goodyear type FMAXS (No), load index 160/000, speed index K, application Steering - Long distance - Tyre label: rolling resistance B - wet grip B - noise 71dB(A)
  • First rear axle: tyre size 315/70R22.5,
  • Goodyear type FMAXD (No), load index 154/150, speed index L, application Traction - Long distance - Tyre label: rolling resistance B - wet grip B - noise 72dB(A)
  • Second rear axle: tyre size 315/70R22.5, Goodyear type FMAXS (No), load index 156/150, speed index L, application Steering - Long distance - Tyre label: rolling resistance B - wet grip B - noise 71dB(A) Spare wheel tyre not applicable.
  • Engine MX-13, 6 cylinder diesel engine, 12.9 litres.
  • Output 375 kW (510 hp) at 1425-1750 rpm. Max. torque 2500 Nm at 1000-1425 rpm.
  • Exhaust emission Euro 6.
  • No engine idle shutdown
  • Manual gearbox, 16 speeds.
  • Manual overdrive gearbox 16S25.., ratio 13.80-0.84, 16 speeds.
  • Rear axle ratio 3.46.
  • Mechanical differential lock.
  • ASR (anti-slip control).
  • Traction control 13.0 t.
  • Fifth wheel Jost type JSK42C, cast iron, height 185 mm with mounting plate 40 mm.
  • King pin diameter 2 inches, D-value 152 kN, maximum vertical load 20 tonnes.
  • Fifth wheel mounting plate standard.
  • King pin diameter 2 inches, D-value 170 kN, maximum vertical load 28 tonnes.
  • Fifth wheel KA dimension -30 mm.
  • Fifth wheel profile standard length.
  • Pneumatic trailer connection with C-type couplings.
  • Electric trailer connection 24V with two 7-pin sockets. Lighting cable, accessory cable and EBS cable with 7-pin connectors.
  • Trailer connection storage box behind the cab, for effortless and safe storage of air hoses and electric cables when not in use.
  • Power take-off (PTO)
  • First gearbox PTO type NH/4b, mounted at the right-hand side of the gearbox countershaft. Gear ratio 27/30, flange connection.
  • Electrical power supply
  • Alternator 80 A, batteries 2x 225 Ah.
  • GVM and GCM
  • Technical GVM max. 28000 kg.
  • Technical GCM max. 56000 kg class 2.
  • Type plate standard.

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